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Nano Herbs Essence Oil
나노 에센스 마사지 오일...

A Nano Herbs Essential Oil

B Nano Herbs Essence Liquid

50mlX2 = RM99.00

Nano Gold
Hyaluronic Essence

골드 나노입자

22ml only RM63.00

Nano Rose
ssential Oil Mask

로즈 마스크

100ML only RM66.00
Nano Gold
Propolis Acne Serum



22ml only RM69.00


NanoPro Silk Mask
실크 마스크

only RM10.00/Piece
2010/11/20-22 PWTC-International Health Fair 2010
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Nano materials is the mid-1980s to develop a new type of material, its advanced than the negative oxygen ions 50.
Scientists predict that the 21st century will be the era of nanotechnology, is another industrial revolution inevitable.

Recent research has determined that silver ions destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and even cancer cells.

Oligodynamic silver refers to the power of an extremely small concentration of silver ions to exert biocidal actions.

A nanometer is about 10X the diameter of an atom or 10,000X smaller than the diameter of human hair. Nanotechnology makes it possible to manipulate materials at molecular or atomic levels.


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